August 22, 2012
The consulting criminals

James and Jamie Moriarty.

Seeing their names, one would think they were siblings.

Seeing them on the street, one would think they were a couple.

They were none of those things. They were far more than that.

Whenever they met, the world seemed to stop spinning. They were living a paradox, being the same person and not really being at all. Every tick, every little thing they knew about each other. A certain level of intimacy that was just between the two of them. They understood each other without talking. They were one person in two bodies.

They didn’t spend too much time together but sometimes the universe seemed to push them together like two poles and it was hard to pull away again. For Jamie it was a certain kind of comfort she couldn’t get with Seb, with anyone.

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and they had decided to meet again. They were lying on the couch, the Bee Gees playing in the background and it was just them, nobody intruding in their time alone. Jamie was sipping at her whiskey, their favourite and just lying around, enjoying the silence between them. 

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    "Come on. You know men get sexier when they get older. Women just get flabby and ugly." she groaned, closing her eyes....
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    "Is that so?" Jim asked and then chuckled as well. "Wrinkles will make me sexier? Never thought of it that way… and he’s...